It’s been a long trek to where I am today as the past months have been very challenging (for us all!). The days have not always allowed for the flow of creativity and the healing of stressors with the therapy that creating provides. So I’ve often turned toward easy sketches when I find myself wanting to create. It calms my nervous system and helps me feel like even the baby steps are moving me in the right direction.

I have also been taking some online classes on Skillshare and Domestika. Both sites provide a variety of classes for illustrators, designers, artists, techies, and more. Most of the classes on Domestika are in Spanish but I have found that watching the lessons and reading the subtitles works quite seamlessly. It’s so worth it as the video and lesson quality is top notch. Domestika always has some good sales on too, which I’ve taken advantage of more than once! I am also a teacher on Skillshare so if you would like to try their Premiere membership for two free months click here! I am currently using Skillshare to learn how to edit videos in Premiere Pro and don’t know how I would learn the intricacies on my own. Which is where my newest YouTube video comes in…

Trying something new…

This painting initially came about as part of one of the lessons from the class Experimental Watercolor Techniques for Beginners on Domestika. I have been painting with watercolour for many years but know that there is still so much more for me to learn. I never would have tried this fun style if it weren’t for this class! So don’t be afraid to look at ‘beginner’ level classes. You may just find something new!! 😉

As mentioned earlier, I began this painting as part of the lesson for the class. I thought it would be fun to document the process. Things were going smoothly then just like that I hit the ugly stage. You know the one! And just work with me here if you haven’t experienced this. It is scary and embarrassing. No matter how you look at the piece it just looks awful. But I’ve learned to treat this phase gently (rather than let it lead me to destroying a piece out of frustration) knowing that it could help me grow as an artist.

Taking a step back…

I took an overnight break and came back the next day with new eyes and was able to continue on in a manner that felt right without focusing on the ‘ugly’. I brought out my colour pencils to add some whimsical details which made the process so fun! If I had destroyed this piece at the ugly phase I never would have found the fun! I never would have felt the satisfaction of overcoming the monster that sits on my should and looks at every piece of work with cynicism and an all-out shitty attitude. Sucks to you, Monster! Bwahaha!

And there you have it. I ended up with a fun and colourful fox watercolour painting in a style I never would have tried if it weren’t for an online class. And thankfully, I worked my way through the tough parts and was pleased with the end result. It’s all part of the journey! And I got a video to boot! Win win!! (As it turns out I decided to continue my Premiere Pro learning before editing a video for YouTube. I used iMovie for now instead of rushing into using an entirely new software for the task.)

Moongirl Art on YouTube…

If you have’t visited my Moongirl Art YouTube channel yet then here is your chance! I have a handful of videos to start you off! If you like what you see think of subscribing so you can be notified every time I publish a new video. (Thank you!!!) I plan on doing more product reviews, a ‘what’s on my art table’ video, perhaps enter into the realm of a vlog (Eeek! Am I interesting enough??!), and more speed paints! If you have any suggestions for a video or video series let me know as I have a list of ideas I would love to add to! And if you have suggestions for any Skillshare classes you would like me to create let me know too!

And now as I finish this post I look out my window and send gratitude up to a blue sky dotted with puffy clouds accompanied by a fresh, salty breeze that hasn’t visited our province for months. It brings a renewed energy to my internal system and a hope that the months to come will bring healing and new and wonderful things.

Happy creating!

Moongirl xx

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