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Paintings to share with you! Auction just around the corner!

Posted by on Jul 30, 2017 | 2 comments

I have new paintings that I am so excited to share with you! The next auction at Soul Sisters United Art Collective on Facebook will take place Aug 2 & 3rd!

I love including images of my paintings-in-progress so this post may be a bit longer than other ones. Sharing my progress is important so you can see how it all comes together. And it shows all of my ugly stages too. I have a lot of them! Ha!

Damsel | 4×6 watercolour

I couldn’t not make another mini painting for this auction. I had no idea how fun they were until I made one for the previous month’s auction!

Don’t you just love damselflies?? We had recently visited a lavender farm and around the pond nearby were  many blue damselflies. They were so beautiful glittering in the sun that I just had to include them in a painting!

Girl and damselfly pencil sketch

Girl and damselfly pencil sketch

Sadly, I didn’t take any other pictures I progressed through this piece. I usually like to show the pencil stage followed by watercolour colour paint and then the pencil and white highlights added in at the end.

Will you settle for a little detail? I hope so. 🙂

Damsel watercolour painting face detail

Damsel watercolour painting face detail

Oh gosh! Can I be in love with the way these little wings turned out? I just love all of the colour subtleties that make them look like stained glass with light filtering through.

Damselfly watercolour painting detail

Damselfly watercolour painting detail

Oh such yummy detail! Yum yum!

Damsel has been created on cold pressed 140 lb watercolour paper. The border pencilled in is sized to 4×6 and would look so wonderful inside a 5×7 sized window mat in an 8×10 frame. Don’t you think? 🙂

Damsel watercolour painting

Damsel watercolour painting

I am sure gonna miss her when she’s gone.

The Bee Keeper | 12×16 mixed media

Lately I have been wanting to paint more faces with charcoal, Stabilo All Pencil and gesso. Don’t get me wrong, I love watercolour so much, but I love this too!

My bee girl began with a simple and quick charcoal sketch.

charcoal sketch

I love to blend the charcoal with clear gesso. This technique not only cuts down on the powdery mess of charcoal but helps to seal it a bit. It is also much easier to blend, in my opinion, and get darker tones.

Charcoal and gesso sketch

Charcoal and gesso sketch

Ever do this??

Where did I put my brush?

Where did I put my brush?

I had originally thought of making the girl’s hair like a beehive but I just couldn’t see it in my mind’s eye so I left it for the time being. Her eyes looked a little small to me so I enlarged them to give her more presence and added more shadows to her face.

Charcoal and gesso sketch

Charcoal and gesso sketch

Adding Colour

Adding colour can be a challenge for me. Sometimes what I see in my head is challenging to convey on a canvas. I wanted to keep loose with this piece and I kept seeing an aqua green colour on her left side so just went ahead and added it, balancing it out by adding some of the green to her other side too and a bit to her eyes. See the little glint of gold in her eyes? I’ve been wanting to use gold in my work too which is so odd because I really don’t like gold. Or, I used to really not like it… 😉


Charcoal and Aqua Green girl painting

Charcoal and Aqua Green girl painting

After adding a bit more colour I sat back and looked at my progress. I was feeling frustrated because I just couldn’t see or feel where to go from here. Ugh! How frustrating it was when I really wanted to keep going but didn’t know where to go next! Should I continue and make a royal mess and perhaps destroy the entire piece in a moment of disgust or should I take a break, make a yummy tea and watch a half hour of Friends From College on Netflix. Yep. Tea and Netflix. Good plan! 😉

Ugly painting stage

Ugly painting stage

Too much colour?

Oh this is so funny for me to look at how I went from the previous picture to the one below! I had returned about an hour later (yes, two crazy funny episodes later!) and just began to add paint and spread it around with the edge of an old credit card. And I added some colour to her face. Truth be told, I wasn’t too sure if I should use the round and rosy cheek circle like I usually do. I didn’t know if it would fit well into this one…

I felt like I was starting to lose her in all that colour. Her lips didn’t stand out as much with the aqua green either.

A mess of colour

A mess of colour

At some point in the evening my husband took this shot of me painting. It had gotten dark outside so I had shut the curtains on either side of me. It made for a very moody image and I love it! There I am squeezed into the corner of the dining room, finding a place and time to create. I just had to share it. 🙂

Artist at work

Artist at work!

On a Roll!

Woot! The muses found me again and off I went painting away and feeling like I was really getting somewhere! I added more gold paint and figured out that I wanted her hair to have a big braid on the side and disheveled everywhere else. The bees love it!

Girl and her bees painting

Girl and her bees painting

Oftentimes I ask my husband what he thinks of my paintings as I am making them. Sometimes he hesitates because he doesn’t want me to be hurt by his criticism. I remind him that I can take it and it will only make me work harder and produce better work with constructive/subjective criticism. He was having a hard time connecting the bees to the girl and I told him she was a bee priestess and that was that. No wonder he hesitates sometimes with telling me what he thinks! His words did get me thinking though as they often do. During our conversation he had suggested adding some honeycomb. I decided to have a tea and then sleep on it.

Tamara, be open to Criticism

He was right. Honeycomb! Ha! But I didn’t want to add a honeycomb stencil although it crossed my mind. I painted the honeycomb/hexagon shapes freehand so they looked more organic and blended the shapes into her body. There. One with the bees she was! I also added some of the marvellous FW ink in gold to imitate honey dripping. If you haven’t used acrylic inks before you should try them. They are so fun and they are lightfast too! 😉

Bee Keeper painting almost finished

Bee Keeper painting almost finished


I was finished! Until I wasn’t.

I am learning to stop before I do too much but at the same time I am also learning that I have to be open to ‘fixing’ a painting. My Bee Keeper was now grounded with the hive and bee on her shoulder but her other side looked weird to me. I added a little ‘armpit’ mark and some honey drips with the FW acrylic inks.

I then painted the canvas edges with a mishmash of the same colours used throughout, signed the piece and gave her a light spray so the water-soluble areas didn’t smudge in case I missed some with the gesso.


I am so happy with my Bee Keeper! She really came together for me after much time and love and I am so happy to her available for our next Soul Sisters Auction!

The Bee Keeper painting

The Bee Keeper painting

I am going to miss her too…

But that’s good, right?

Truthfully?? I know many will say that you should create paintings for yourself but there is nothing like the feeling you get when someone tells you how much they like/love your work. When I wrap up a piece that has so much of myself wrapped up in it, I feel so fortunate, so grateful to do what I do.

I hope to see you at the next auction coming up soon!!

Thank you so much. My heart swells.

And remember, happy creating, in whatever way is your own way.

Moongirl xx


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Moongirl Art Newsletter sign up is now available!

Posted by on Jul 19, 2017 | 2 comments

Moongirl Art Newsletter Sign up!

You can now receive news about what I have been up to, my latest inspirations, early sales notifications and giveaways, freebies and much more! So exciting, don’t you think?

Free Wallpaper!

Just click on the icon below to begin signup and receive a free wallpaper upon completion!
moongirl art newsletter

Thank you and happy creating!!

Moongirl xx


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Moongirl art note cards coming soon!!

Posted by on Jul 17, 2017 | 8 comments

Art on note cards will soon be available for purchase!

I have had a lot of requests for my art as note cards but assumed that it would take me some time to make these so they kept going to the bottom of my ‘to-do’ art list.

I fulfill all art print orders myself so that means I am always scanning, fixing files and matching prints to original artwork. This must all be complete before the originals are sent to their new homes. I pretty much have this process down to a science but this note card paper isn’t the same paper that I use for prints. It is not only a different size but also has a rougher texture and is scored for folding. Often when printing from one type of paper to another what looks perfect on one paper type can print out completely different on another, especially when that paper doesn’t have a specific printing profile. So needless to say, I am relieved and thrilled that this worked on the first print run! *insert happy dance here*

art note cards

Art Note Cards: Front and back views

This note card features my painting, Storm, which was purchased at the Soul Sisters July auction. The original is presently on its was to a new loving home in Yellowknife, North West Territories! I am tickled pink!

art note cards front

Art note cards: front view

I have added my business information on the back of the card. 😉

art note cards back

Art note cards: Back view

Which art pieces should become note cards?

I need to choose which pieces of art I would like for the first run of cards. I will most likely choose five different images for a pack. If you have any favourites please let me know in the comments! To view my work you can click on the Artwork and/or Etsy link in the menu, or ‘photos’ on my Facebook page. Thank you!

Stay on the lookout for these goodies becoming available! 😉

Happy creating!!

Moongirl xx


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Embrace the Grey watercolour painting ready for auction!

Posted by on Jul 11, 2017 | 2 comments

Embrace the Grey may seem like an odd name for this watercolour painting. And maybe not. 🙂

But before I talk about that I will share a bit of my progress with you.

I always begin a painting with the face because this part I can see in my mind’s eye right away. I am very interested in painting lively expressions lately and two of three of my pieces for this months auction don’t have neutral expressions. I really find it adds to the piece and I will be making many more faces this way!

When I finished the main parts of the face I had to step back for a bit. I had no idea how I wanted her hair to look and had that ‘Uh-oh’ feeling. But I have learned in every painting completed over the past year or so to just keep moving forward with patience and love. It always works out in the end.

I decided to have some fun with her hair and added washes of orange and grey. I am so glad I did! She started to come alive for me. Whew!

I took a break at this point because I find if I keep working straight I tend to lose sight of what I am doing. This also gives me a new perspective on each piece so I can view it more critically and see what I need to add or fix.

From here I added some white acrylic paint and marker and really liked where she was going.

I apologize for the colour in the first two. They were taken with my phone and are a bit off. I often take pics as I go along and like to share my process and a phone has that handy camera! Taking quick pics along the way is also another method I use to distance myself from a piece so that I can look at it more critically.

I fixed the nose and tweaked the cheeks, added more white and grey to the hair and highlights. Highlights in the eyes always make them come alive.

When I was completing this piece for the auction  (which begins today!) the thought ‘Embrace the grey’ popped into my head and I laughed. I am going grey and this seemed fitting!

8x10 original watercolour and acrylic painting

8×10 original watercolour and acrylic painting

Since I just finished this piece late last night I still need to flatten it out so I apologize for the odd ripple on the left side. But I am so happy I completed her in time and had to share!

The auction is from noon EST today until tomorrow at 6pm EST. There are so many wonderful pieces. Hope to see you there!

A million thanks as always!

Happy creating!

Moongirl xx


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New watercolour for July auction | Monochromatic theme!

Posted by on Jul 9, 2017 | 4 comments

I have just complete two watercolour paintings for the next auction!
These pieces will be available from July 11-12 at Soul Sisters United Art Collective auction group on Facebook. I would love to see you there as always! Of course I appreciate the bids and sending my artwork to their new homes but I also appreciate the comments and likes and loves very much as well. Thank you so much! MMMwwaaaaahhh!

The theme for this month is Monochromatic. For both pieces I used one main colour and added Paynes Grey and water to change the tones of the hue.

For the first piece I used Daniel Smith Quinachridone Rose as my main hue and used Paynes Grey as my shading hue. In parts I do admit I used the grey straight and in other parts I used the rose as a glaze over the grey and everything in between! I am generally not a fan of ‘pinky’ hues but, gosh daring, I just love this one. (sorry for the potty mouth!) 😉

Many times I have incorporated acrylic paint into my watercolours to use as highlights but I usually do this in the form of a paint pen, most often Posca Pens. I do love me some Posca! This time I decided to use Titanium White straight from the tube with my fingers or a brush to create broader highlights. Of course, the areas of white lines and the circles of her cheeks are my Posca Pen. I have a range of Posca colours but I use the white the most so when I need more I buy the three-pack.

This is Rose, after the colour, get it?… She was a joy to create but a bit of a challenge as well in keeping within the limits of the monotone theme. I have to say, I love her eyes. I have not painted many eyes as I usually leave them in pencil when I am using watercolours. That part was a challenge but I am always up for a challenge. The long neck and the long nose line will remain. It’s how my girls roll…

watercolour painting

8×10 watercolour and acrylic monotone original

I used the Posca Pen with my second piece to separate chunks of hair and for some little highlights. I also used a white Prismacolour Premier pencil on the blues of her hair for highlights. I love those pencils! They are so soft and vibrant. YUM!

I used Daniel Smith’s rich Phthalo Blue for this piece and Paynes Grey again. I went outside of the monochromatic theme a bit with a little Daniel Smith French Ultarmarine to warm it up a tad and Golden’s QoR Teal. That teal is just so beautiful! You can see it in the cheeks and a bit of the body.

This is Storm. She is not happy! Mother Earth is not always pleased. But she is always beautiful in her ways.

watercolour painting

4×6 watercolour and acrylic original

I am hoping to make one more piece before Tuesday, fingers crossed! Toes too!

Thank you for visiting and perhaps I shall see you at the auction. Of course, many thanks to those of you who comment and subscribe. It makes my heart smile. I am working on getting a newsletter in place so stayed tuned!

Happy Sunday and happy creating!!

Moongirl xx

(did you see the full moon last night? oh what a lovely site!)

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Art Journal Sketchbook time means no excuses

Posted by on Jun 24, 2017 | 2 comments

I’m happy to have had yet another successful auction at Soul Sisters United Art Collective last week! I have been busy packaging my original work to send to new homes and using small spaces of time to put my art journal sketchbook to good use.

watercolour and acrylic painting

Packaging original watercolour and acrylic paintings

I’ve been enjoying getting back to having some fun art play in my art journal sketchbooks. I am working on filling a page everyday. Truth be told I am not succeeding on the ‘every day’ aspect but I am creating more often. When I find I am not in the head-space to make ‘sell-worthy’ art I delve into my Stillman & Birn sketchbook instead. It feels good to just play and see what happens without wondering if something will be good enough to sell when complete.

watercolour pencil portrait art journal

Having fun in my art journal with watercolour splashes and pencil portrait

I often break out my art journal sketchbook during out evening family reading. We all love to read together and for the duration of the Wings of Fire series which my boys absolutely love and have read more than once, my husband is the official reader. There are many characters involved in this series and he is best at creating fun voices (and remembering them all!) for each character. The boys love it and it gives me time to listen to the story and create at the same time. Idle hands, not good.

This is a great time to practice drawing faces. I feel I haven’t quite found my style to a T. I’m still working on eyes and mouths and noses. The face, really. I love drawing the long nose line, the long necks and limbs with tiny fingers and toes, but the facial expressions and details are still a work in progress for me. Right now I am really enjoying just playing around with somewhat realistic faces and seeing where it takes me.

The theme for auction next month is Monochromatic. I have a few ideas for watercolour and acrylic pieces. One of them may be something simple like this. I have to remind myself that simple is good. I scroll through Pinterest and find so many wonderfully simple yet beautiful works of art. It is so very inspiring! I have them all squeezed together in one group on my Pinterest account and think I need to do a bit of breaking it down into more cohesive subject matter. But alas, to scroll through so many varied pieces and see how others create brings me joy.

watercolour portrait monochrome

A purple monochrome portait in my art journal

Between creating art to sell and packaging pieces to be sent off to new homes (it’s hard to let them go but it’s good too, you know?) I am enjoying the sketching process. There are no excuses for not creating. A sketchbook is the perfect tool to use for those wee bits of storytelling time when I just want to listen but feel the need to ‘art’.

watercolour original

Preparing more original watercolour art to mail

Do you  have an art journal sketchbook? I have too many to be truthful! But the only way to fill them up is to use them, right? I will be sharing more sketchbook work here to keep me in line. Ha!

Happy creating!

Moongirl xx

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Today’s Auction Pieces: watercolour and acrylic paintings

Posted by on Jun 13, 2017 | 2 comments

Oh my I have been so busy painting that I haven’t blogged in a bit!

Today is auction day! I have been painting like crazy in my ‘spare’ time and have completed four pieces! I am so thrilled. Geez, I even dream about painting now! I know I usually post pictures of my process too but that would make this post far too long today! (Sorry!)

Auction begins in about 10 minutes (!) and lasts until 6PM EST tomorrow (except for the mini auction which ends at 4PM tomorrow) at Soul Sisters United Art Collective on Facebook. How exciting!!

Below are my four pieces available for purchase. It will be difficult, as always, to see them go, but I know they will be going to loving home – and I don’t have the room – ha!


Nyx and Hemera

Watercolour and pencil on 8″x10″ cold press paper

Lunamoth Girl

Watercolour and pencil on 8″x10″ cold press paper

Maiden, Mother, Crone

Acrylic on 12″x12″ stretched canvas


Watercolour and pencil on 5″x7″ cold press paper

Come on over to the auction site to comment your likes, loves, or even to bid! We are a group of ten artists and every auction we invite a guest artist too! There are so many beautiful pieces that I am always inspired! Hope to see you there! xx

Happy creating!

Moongirl xx

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