Hello All!

I’m excited to share my first official YouTube video, Painting Gouache Moons!

Fingers crossed to uploading a new video each week but seeing as how it is now Wednesday and a challenging day to boot, that may not be a regular thing. But try I will. Try, try, try…it’s better than the alternative every time.

Much fun was had making some wonky moons and using the best paint ever, gouache! I used to hate this paint so now I think it appropriate to use it as a swear word, as a homage/an homage (depends on your ‘h’ pronunciation), to my art school days: “Oh, gouache!”, “What the gouache?“, or “Oh, that’s gouached up!“. Maybe it’s just me…

You are going to love gouache as much as I do after you watch this video! …all that matte goodness…mmm…

There is no shame in requesting ‘likes’, ‘comments’, and a ‘subscribe to my channel!’ shout-out, right? So if you like what you see–even if you don’t–show the love. I will love you for it. I already do.

Happy creating!

Moongirl xx

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