It’s a sketchbook and colouring page sharing kind of day today! I’ve been so busy creating, printing, and mailing that I haven’t had a chance to post lately. I am going to share with you many photos of what I have been up to!


Handmade mini-bookmarks!
Handmade mini-bookmarks!

I just loved making these little bookmarks! I still have some available. You can check in my Facebook Group and in my IG feed for which ones are still looking for new book-homes. 🙂

art prints
Happy art mail!

November was a good month for art print sales! I am ever so grateful for every sale and send the prints packaged with much love and little goodies of thanks!

sketchbook drawing
My first drawing in my new sketchbook!

I am loving my new sketchbook! It is landscape format which challenges me a bit as I’ve realized that most of my work is taller than it is long. But challenges are good! They stretch those brain muscles!

watercolour and ink
I loved Inktober so much that I just couldn’t stop using inks! I love they way they work with watercolours. To see all of my Inktober work you can visit my Instagram Feed where I also posted a sketchbook tour!

watercolour and ink

These past couple weeks I have been participating in Kellee Wynne Studio‘s Color Crush Creative palette challenge! Every week Kellee posts a new palette of colours for some creative fun. I am loving the colour combinations and it’s a great way to challenge myself with a limiting palette. If you love colour and paint you should sign up too!

colour crush creative
A creative palette challenge!
Color Crush Creative
Love this palette!

Oh what a messy artspace! My art table is squeezed into a corner of our dining room and often becomes a stacking spot. I push things around to make just enough room to paint! See the final painting filled with moon and stars in my Instagram feed!

Prima Watercolor Confections Tropicals Palette
Prima Watercolor Confections Tropicals Palette: My new crush.

Detail is where it’s at…for me.

After an Inktober-filled month it was nice to get back to my roots of just drawing. Many times I try to simplify my drawings by cutting out the detail. I’ve tried and tried but time and again I find it difficult. I really love and admire those artists who create amazing abstract work and I want to do that too! But I have finally succumbed to the fact that some things are meant to be simply admired by me and not made by me!

And I just love detail! Is that such a bad thing? It does take me longer to make detailed drawings but I have to remind myself that my time is worth it. I have named this piece Bounty and I love her so. I really want to paint her but I like her just the way she is too. And she would be fun to colour with my Prismacolor Pencils! …

Forest nymph colouring page
Forest nymph with a head full of flowers, fungi and a lovely set of horns. May you always feel the earth beneath your feet.

I have included a PDF download so you can have a colouring page too! Yay!

Happy colouring and Yule blessings to you too!

Moongirl xx









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