I remember myself at age four sitting at our dining room table drawing little bunny rabbits smelling flowers and wild horses galloping with their long manes flowing in the wind. My favourite subjects were animals and I would lose myself in my drawings as the hours passed. Over time I began to develop an interested in portraits. I was drawn toward realism and loved taking time for the details.

After graduating high school I moved out to Banff, Alberta to go snowboarding and just have some fun. I did not want to go to post-secondary school when I did not know what I really wanted to do for work. After taking four years off from the rigours of education I decided to go to art school because it was really all I ever loved. After graduation I eventually became a professional wedding photographer.  During this time, I was not drawing at all and went for years without making anything. As my family grew I found being away from home for those twelve hour shooting days, coming home completely exhausted, then sitting behind a computer editing images for hours was not worth it any longer. I missed my time with my family. So I gave up my photography business to have more time at home and chose to help out fellow photographers as an assistant shooter instead. It was during this time that I learned how important it was to bring art back into my life. It wasn’t easy at first to find the time but I am glad that I did. As my art style changed I also began to experiment with different mediums. These days I have come to realize that my true love is watercolour, ink, and pencil. I love pencil and ink because it allows me to draw those fine detailed lines that I have always loved. Now I always say it is the best part.

These days my life is that of a homeschooling, part-time artist living on the beautiful coast of Nova Scotia. It is here that nature inspires me every day to create something to share with you. I hope you like it too.