Ever since I was a little girl I had a pencil in my hand. I drew. and I drew. and, I drew.

I was a quiet girl. The world around me was so tumultuous. This world with a pencil was my peaceful place. I created peaceful things, like bunny rabbits sniffing big petalled flowers, horses running free in the wild, sunsets and fairies.

I learned to read at a young age when my mother was teaching my older sister to read. I heard in their words about worlds that were safe and fun to be in. So I read a lot. And I went outside a lot, all day in the big open space and fresh air. And I drew.

As I grew up I kept that pencil with me. For a couple of decades we traveled together and I made ‘art’. I say it that way because when I was little people would see me drawing and say I was an artist. I didn’t think so because I was just a child who drew. But I was an artist. I realize that now.

And even these days, as I have dealt for the most part with the tumultuousness of that childhood, I have come back to finding myself like I knew me then, although I did not know I knew me then, you know? 😉







I am an artist. I always have been. I have a degree in Fine Art and Photography. For years after receiving my degree I photographed weddings and families out here on the beautiful east coast of Canada. I loved shooting and connecting with others.

I loved seeing their eyes light up when viewing photographs of their special day or beloved family members. It was a ton of work but that part was really worth it. Eventually all of the behind-the-scenes work became too much for me. I found I was in front of a computer more than I was spending quality time with my family.

These days the tumultuousness is of a different kind. It’s mine and I own it and life is pretty amazing even when it gets dizzying. It is the life of a homeschooling, part-time working mother who has knows that sitting down to a meal surrounded by the ones I love just cannot be replaced by anything. And I’ve learned that even fifteen minutes of pencil in hand can be saving for my artist soul too. I remind myself of this when I feel I’m losing my balance.

Yoga, meditation, and tarot are a big part of my life and you may just see me share it from time to time. 😉










And I love the moon! It’s mystifying and magickal. And it lights my way.

Thank you for visiting! I always love to read everyone’s comments and I do my best to respond to each one. Your words are important to me and along my journey I have made some amazing connections with others through cyberspace. Thank you.

Moongirl ❤ ❤ ❤