I know that I made a new moon promise to get things done for me and since then I haven’t written any new posts. I’ve been busy and it’s been a long road. A lot has happened and a lot of the happenings have included the searching of finding myself and who I am. I don’t think this ever really changes, or at least I don’t think it will for me. But, I feel more in my place now and believe this will continue.

Now I am ready to create and share. And to get my butt in gear I have signed up for this challenge. I am stoked and I have a lot of ideas flowing around my head. I am going to carry around a small sketchbook (one of many I have laying around my house!) to write down or sketch ideas.

I have also started an art journal. I am loving it and feel wonderful to create even a little something with what five minutes I may have.

As creating every day is not just drawing or painting, I will continue my knits and crochets and photography and sewing…

Here we go! Yipee!no perfectionnew moonbelieve

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