"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will."

~Suzy Kassem~

Birthday Girls Commission

Posted by on Mar 19, 2017 | 6 comments

I just recently finished a commission for a fellow homeschooling mom who is just the best! She has the wittiest sense of humour and her kiddoes are so sweet. I am thankful that I was able to create a piece for each of her girls for their birthdays based on their own unique personalities.

For both of these pieces I used watercolours, pencil and of course, my dear Posca Pen. Look at those little fingers and toes!! I love the way a .03 lead can create the tiniest of details so wonderfully whether it be fingers and toes or flower stems and little buds! And I will certainly be adding flowers more often in my work. I just love the way they turned out, but then again, there is so much about this piece that I love. Truthfully, it was a little tough to hand this one over! This is a short video I mad to show me adding some pencil detail. I tend to jump all over the place when adding pencil details, depending on my mood. I make sure I have a cloth under my hand so I don’t smudge any graphite marks! And who can resist a little bit of this song? Just try not to dance. I dare ya. ❤

The main element that brings a piece together for my work, or at least for my watercolours, are all of the little details. Once I begin adding in the pencil lines in varying weights, the piece really starts to come alive. All of those little, and sometimes subtle, marks make such a difference. I can create fine, thin lines that turn into thicker and heavier lines so easily with a .03 lead. Oftentimes for shading, I use the same mechanical pencil so that you see consecutive fine lines built up for deeper shadows that flow into lighter markings for more subtle shadow areas.
It was a delight to add spiders and other little critters to this piece for a little girl in love with them all! All those wee legs and fine wings. I just love this little beetle. So lovely! Yes, this one was a toughie to part with as well. 

Although I just delight in these creations, please take note that I will no longer be accepting commissions. I have one more piece for finish and that will be my last. As much as I love creating art that is made for someone special, life is quite full at the moment and is becoming busier for me so I have had to be truthful to myself and my need to focus on other things. I have appreciated every amazing person out there who has asked me to make something for them, and all those for whom I have created something special, whether it be for them personally or as a gift. Thank you for thinking of me and including my art in your life. It means the world. ❤

Moongirl ❤ ❤

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Unicorn girl | Paint Your Heart and Soul online class

Posted by on Mar 15, 2017 | 2 comments

Here is another share from Olga Furman’s Paint Your Heart and Soul class. This piece was based on a lesson by Jennifer Albin who is a wonderful artist and has quite an inspiring life story. This one really appealed to my inner child. I had to dig a little deep (it had been a long time) to find my spirit animal but once I did I knew I’d found her. I used my ever-faithful black Stabilo All Pencil for the outline. I etched words into the wet acrylic paint in the background and let some of them show through as I added a thin layer over the top. The intense colours on my girl are the Liquitex FW Acrylic Inks. I just adore the luminosity of these inks and they are the perfect hues to use for a unicorngirl. Isn’t she dreamy? ❤ 

Happy creating!

Moongirl ❤ ❤ ❤


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Etsy Shop is now open!

Posted by on Mar 12, 2017 | 6 comments

I am happy to say that I am now selling on Etsy! For all those who have waited until the next time I post prints for sale on Facebook you do not have to any longer. You can purchase my prints on Etsy! *happy dance* I will be adding more prints for sale as I have the files ready to go (it’s on the to-do list in my BuJo) and as I make more paintings. I may post originals for sale as well if they don’t sell during auctions or if I manage to find more time to create than what goes to auction. That would be a good thing too! *smiles*

You can click on the Etsy icon above to visit my shop or the icon to the right of this post to purchase prints. All prints are either 8×10 or 8×8 depending on the proportions of the original painting. I may go bigger in the near future. And feel free to ‘favourite’ the shop or any of the items available. 🙂 I ‘favourite’ products and shops when there is a piece I want to purchase in the future or a shop I want to keep an eye on, not just when I buy something. It is far easier for me than keeping it all inside my noggin! It is also nice to see which pieces get more ‘favourites’ as it gives me an idea of which are more popular and then I may produce more like it.

I am also in the midst of redesigning my website and am planning to have a ‘testimonials’ page. For those of you who have purchased from me before and were happy with the service I would LOVE if you were able to eek out a bit of time to send me a sweet little tidbit that I could add to my page when it is ready to go. I know we are all so busy these days. It would be greatly appreciated!! ❤ You can use the ‘contact’ link at the top of my blog to send me a note or FB message one to me on my art page, Moongirl Art.

The other option (and I would LOVE this too) is to add a review to my Facebook page, Moongirl Art, and I can then copy the review onto my website. Two birds, one stone! You know how it goes! 🙂

Thank you!! Much love!! See you on the Etsy flipside!

Moongirl ❤ ❤ ❤

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Charcoal, Neocolor II, and Inktense

Posted by on Mar 11, 2017 | 2 comments

Earlier this year I signed up for Olga Furman’s class, Paint Your Heart and Soul. I love seeing how other artists create and I know that I just may find a lovely little golden nugget in the form of an inspirational art technique that I never knew about or had forgotten. The first week’s share was a charcoal portrait by Olga. I hadn’t used charcoal pencils since my art school days so it was wonderful to go back to them. You can see her eye here is a little bit wonky but that’s okay, it’s been quite a long time since I have drawn anything remotely realistic and this was a very good exercise for me. I have since incorporated charcoal into my latest painting. It felt so good to get my hands all full of back bits of charcoal again. Yum!
I recently learned a new (to-me) technique from the Jeanne Oliver network mini-class, Sketching and Collage. Gosh, I love her online classes offered by so many wonderful artists including herself! I always find little creative nuggets here too. I love creative nuggets! I have used NeocolorII crayons in my work before but I have never incorporated gesso to make the water-soluble crayons permanent. I was able to add layers of colour without the crayons blending into each other. Look at all of the subtle layers! Love! The flowers were made using an image transfer (from free image files). I have made image transfers before but not using this technique. It was fun to do and I love the detail that the transfer left behind. I could have drawn free-hand flowers (as I did for some of the flowers in the next piece) but I like the option of being able to add another layer of interest in this way.Here is my messy art desk and the finished journal piece. I used a the reference pic of myself that I printed out on our laser printer. The painted image does not look like me at all but funny enough, it reminds me of a Vermeer painting! It does not remotely resemble a Vermeer and his wondrous chiaroscuro ways of course, but I keep seeing The Girl With the Pearl Earring in this one. It must be the headscarf! (That’s my art geek creeping out. Gosh, I love art history!!) This next painting, titled Bloom, was part of one of the Soul Sisters United Art Collective auctions on Facebook. You can see the flower transfer technique used again here in this work-in-progress image.Most of the remaining flowers I drew in by hand and used acrylic paint lightly overtop and then added detail with one of my favourite tools, the Posca Pen. I used Stabilo All Pencil and the NeocolorII crayons for her face. I love it so much I am planning on making another painting using this technique for our April auction.
I love the red edge on the canvas too! The colour is so rich and it nicely balances out the red in the piece plus adds a nice ‘frame’.This last piece was a part of this same auction. This is my version of The Hermit from tarot and it now resides with a wonderful woman in British Columbia. One of these days I will create a full tarot deck!! For this piece I used Inkense pencils. They are water-soluble but permanent when dry and they dry much faster than watercolour. This makes it a bit more challenging for blending but the colours are nice and bright. I used permanent ink marker (Prismacolor) for the outlines and details. The white clouds and mist were made with acrylic paint. And of course, what piece would be complete without a little Posca Pen detail?!  Stay tuned for more art to come from another week of Paint You Heart and Soul. I am dreadfully behind with the weekly shares but they are so much fun!

Happy creating!!

Moongirl ❤ ❤


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The Winter Keeper | Angels and Wings Art Auction

Posted by on Feb 28, 2017 | 4 comments

I truly enjoyed creating The Winter Keeper! I’ve been wanting to incorporate conté and charcoal into my artwork for the longest time and with the help of a little gesso I was able to ‘paint’ with the mediums and not worry about it smudging or rubbing away. The blacks of the charcoal sticks are so deep and gritty and the conté so warm and inviting that I just love using it! I began by etching a rough sketch into wet white paint that had been laid over a multi-coloured acrylic painted base.
As I worked along I incorporated some new-to-me Stabilo 3in1 crayons. They are water-soluble and go on so smoothly. Plus they are huge crayons which make them so very fun to use. I felt like a kid again! I often incorporate wings into my pieces and this time I didn’t want them to be overly detailed so the charcoal and conté worked well.
I love the beauty of Fox. I just had to place one into a loving embrace.
I fell in love with this red oxide colour and it complemented the conté colour perfectly. Painting the edge with this red really made the piece come together. The Winter Keeper is about all of the precious things that sleep through the rebirth of the winter season and those that keep watch over them. ❤ On March 2nd and 3rd The Winter Keeper will be up for auction on the Facebook group Soul Sisters United Art Collective. Our theme for March is Angels and Wings. If you are interested you just simply need to join the group to comment and bid. There are many beautiful pieces available by ten different artists. Everyone is welcome!

The Winter Keeper will be a hard one to let go but it’s been such a pleasure to send every piece I’ve ever created to new and loving homes! Thank you.

Moongirl xx



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There is room for me

Posted by on Jan 6, 2017 | 2 comments

I love the magazine Where Women Create. I don’t read many mags but this one is a winner in my books. There are so many wonderful and inspiring articles inside its pages. Sometimes I read a quote that resonates with me:

There is always room in this amazing and magical Universe. Remember that.

Much love and happy creating!

Moongirl ❤ ❤ ❤


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Happy 2017!!

Posted by on Jan 2, 2017 | 2 comments

I hope you are having a great beginning to this new year! We had a lovely holiday season and I even managed to squeeze in a bit of painting too! Here is a journal piece I am working on from the online course Sketching and Collage: A Mini-Course on the Jeanne Oliver Creative Network. You have to create an account but it’s free and so very worth it. I have taken many a course and have loved every single one of them. Within this one I’ve learned how to do an image transfer, paint a face with charcoal and gesso and a few other handy techniques. I love learning new ways to create so I am always open to taking a class here and there. This one has definitely been worth it!!

I am still working on this piece in my art journal. The eyes are wonky but that’s okay, it’s not finished but I will post again when it is complete.
We had a great Christmas and the Tofurky was delish! Sorry for the less than great pic here but I took this in low light and didn’t want my meal to get cold! It was sooooo good! Those are my sweet boys! ❤ We love board games and this one had been on our list for years. It’s called Labyrinth by Ravensburg and it’s so very fun!  I treated myself to the Witches’ Calendar this Christmas! Somehow that sentence sound like a bit of an oxymoron… I usually don’t buy calendars for myself because I often use my phone and computer to check dates but I just couldn’t help myself when I saw this one. The illustrations are beautiful and each month includes moon phases, Sabbats and so much more. Plus, there is a spell included for each month. OOOOOO-weeeee to me! Many blessings to you and your’s! May you all have a magical year!

Happy creating!!

Moongirl ❤ ❤ ❤

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