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I truly enjoyed creating The Winter Keeper! I’ve been wanting to incorporate conté and charcoal into my artwork for the longest time and with the help of a little gesso I was able to ‘paint’ with the mediums and not worry about it smudging or rubbing away. The blacks of the charcoal sticks are so deep and gritty and the conté so warm and inviting that I just love using it! I began by etching a rough sketch into wet white paint that had been laid over a multi-coloured acrylic painted base.
As I worked along I incorporated some new-to-me Stabilo 3in1 crayons. They are water-soluble and go on so smoothly. Plus they are huge crayons which make them so very fun to use. I felt like a kid again! I often incorporate wings into my pieces and this time I didn’t want them to be overly detailed so the charcoal and conté worked well.
I love the beauty of Fox. I just had to place one into a loving embrace.
I fell in love with this red oxide colour and it complemented the conté colour perfectly. Painting the edge with this red really made the piece come together. The Winter Keeper is about all of the precious things that sleep through the rebirth of the winter season and those that keep watch over them. ❤ On March 2nd and 3rd The Winter Keeper will be up for auction on the Facebook group Soul Sisters United Art Collective. Our theme for March is Angels and Wings. If you are interested you just simply need to join the group to comment and bid. There are many beautiful pieces available by ten different artists. Everyone is welcome!

The Winter Keeper will be a hard one to let go but it’s been such a pleasure to send every piece I’ve ever created to new and loving homes! Thank you.

Moongirl xx




  1. She’s lovely! Good luck with the auction!

    • Thank you, Robin! ❤

  2. Wow, what an interesting way to work! So was the white paint wet all the time you worked with the charcoal and the crayons? I love the blackness of charcoal but I just really don’t like working with it because of the smudging. This piece is beautiful and I love the title!

    • I let the white paint dry before I began adding detail. I too, am not always a fan of charcoal – I love the way it looks but the smudging and powdery-ness of it can be challenging. I use clear gesso to move the charcoal around and this keeps it not only from becoming too powdery and spreading but also gives it a permanent place on the canvas. 🙂 Thank you, Denise! ❤


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