New watercolour for July auction | Monochromatic theme!

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I have just complete two watercolour paintings for the next auction!
These pieces will be available from July 11-12 at Soul Sisters United Art Collective auction group on Facebook. I would love to see you there as always! Of course I appreciate the bids and sending my artwork to their new homes but I also appreciate the comments and likes and loves very much as well. Thank you so much! MMMwwaaaaahhh!

The theme for this month is Monochromatic. For both pieces I used one main colour and added Paynes Grey and water to change the tones of the hue.

For the first piece I used Daniel Smith Quinachridone Rose as my main hue and used Paynes Grey as my shading hue. In parts I do admit I used the grey straight and in other parts I used the rose as a glaze over the grey and everything in between! I am generally not a fan of ‘pinky’ hues but, gosh daring, I just love this one. (sorry for the potty mouth!) 😉

Many times I have incorporated acrylic paint into my watercolours to use as highlights but I usually do this in the form of a paint pen, most often Posca Pens. I do love me some Posca! This time I decided to use Titanium White straight from the tube with my fingers or a brush to create broader highlights. Of course, the areas of white lines and the circles of her cheeks are my Posca Pen. I have a range of Posca colours but I use the white the most so when I need more I buy the three-pack.

This is Rose, after the colour, get it?… She was a joy to create but a bit of a challenge as well in keeping within the limits of the monotone theme. I have to say, I love her eyes. I have not painted many eyes as I usually leave them in pencil when I am using watercolours. That part was a challenge but I am always up for a challenge. The long neck and the long nose line will remain. It’s how my girls roll…

watercolour painting

8×10 watercolour and acrylic monotone original

I used the Posca Pen with my second piece to separate chunks of hair and for some little highlights. I also used a white Prismacolour Premier pencil on the blues of her hair for highlights. I love those pencils! They are so soft and vibrant. YUM!

I used Daniel Smith’s rich Phthalo Blue for this piece and Paynes Grey again. I went outside of the monochromatic theme a bit with a little Daniel Smith French Ultarmarine to warm it up a tad and Golden’s QoR Teal. That teal is just so beautiful! You can see it in the cheeks and a bit of the body.

This is Storm. She is not happy! Mother Earth is not always pleased. But she is always beautiful in her ways.

watercolour painting

4×6 watercolour and acrylic original

I am hoping to make one more piece before Tuesday, fingers crossed! Toes too!

Thank you for visiting and perhaps I shall see you at the auction. Of course, many thanks to those of you who comment and subscribe. It makes my heart smile. I am working on getting a newsletter in place so stayed tuned!

Happy Sunday and happy creating!!

Moongirl xx

(did you see the full moon last night? oh what a lovely site!)


  1. Continue to adore your work.
    Will be checking your Eysy store regularly.
    Your rose woman is magnificent !
    My fav color , anyway.
    Always happy vibes your way❤️ Is there such a thing as a Etsy newsletter?

    • Hi Shelley!! Thank you so much for your kind words as always. <3 <3 There isn't an Etsy newsletter but I can share posts on Facebook and I will try to remember to let you know. 🙂

  2. I LOVE Storm’s ‘attitude’! ♥♥♥♥

    • Haha, thanks, Robin!! I like it, too. 😉


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