Myself and a friend won a spot in Michelle’s Close To Home | A Watercolor Landscape Journey! So excited to be a part of this class and Michelle rocks it out! She is chalk full of tips and techniques which she demonstrates and explains so very well in her videos. I wanted to take this course–and was planning on paying for it if I didn’t win ;)–because I’ve been thinking about adding background detail to my watercolour paintings. I’ve already learned so much and haven’t even made a scenic painting yet! Maybe you should join this class too!


First thing I did was set up my tube colours in a tin. I found some old tube Daler Rowney colours that had been my husband’s in art school and added these to my bits of tubes and QoR colours (love the QoRs!!). Fellow artist and awesome person, Karen Campbell, has shared her travel supplies in a video (which you should watch!).

I got the sweet idea from her of using gum containers for paint pans. So much cheaper than buying pans online (there are very few downsides of living in Canada but one is lack of art supply availability). Besides, I’d rather spend the money on paint than pans right now. 😉
gum Here is my current travel stash. The brushes are Neptune Princetons and I love them! They aren’t travel friendly though unless I take a big tube to put them in so for now it’s my small W&N Cotman brush and my Pentels. Check out those gum pans in the lower right. Sweet, right? travel suppliesTotally hooked on colour charts suddenly. I recall making a colour wheel with gouche in first year art college and it was painful!! No brush marks allowed! Ugh! I have steered clear of those wheels since but this brought the love back again. I have learned so so much about my paints and how the colours relate to each other by placing them in a wheel. colour wheelI loved this exercise so much so that I made four wheels! One for my 24 Grumbacher set, one for my W&N travel set and one for my various tubes including the QoRs. Then, since my W&N travel pan set and tube tin will be coming with me I decided to combine the colours from both of these into one wheel for when I want to take both sets with me. Overkill? I think not! I’ve learned so much already about these paints and am much more familiar with matching the colour to its name now. I’ve also noticed that even though I have some duplicate paint colours, they are slightly different depending on the brand and if they are from a pan or tube. I will be printing smaller versions of these wheels to put into the kits, as Michelle suggests. She’s the bomb, btw.

colour wheelsOn our FB group someone questioned why the use of the word ‘hue’ for some colours and not for others with the same colour name such as Cadmium Red and Cadmium Red Hue. I’d been wondering that myself and Michelle posted a great article on it here and I found another here that lists the toxic paint colours and added it to my BuJo for reference. Dig it.

toxic paint list

I’m usually not so keen on the slow side of planning and learning. I just want to get down to it! But with years comes wisdom and I’ve learned that taking the time to learn means taking less time later to figure things out, the why and where.

So, if you are hankering to take this class just click on the links at the top of this post. You won’t regret it. 😉

Until next time, happy creating!!

Moongirl ❤ ❤ ❤




  1. Very nice work. I think I will enjoy the color wheel project as you have here. I think it’s great that you did one for all of your different paints… not an overkill one bit. I have a collection of different palettes that have come from different people and places but I’m most looking forward to giving my better tube brands a try along with a few lovely Daniel Smith I’m buying tomorrow. I’m juggling a heavy load of responsibilities along with lots of 800 mile road trips so I’m gearing up to make a travel kit so that I can sneak in some play time too. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Warm regards,

    1. moongirl

      Wow, Karla! 800 mile road trips??!! I hope you get some seriously fun painting squeezed in and lots of inspiration on your trip! Enjoy your DS paints! 🙂 I don’t own any…yet…;)

  2. I enjoy seeing people travel art kits! I might have to do a post on mine some day.
    Thank you for sharing yours and hers! I have only made one color wheel, will have to try that again. I do have a page of just watering down a color and amazed at how so many colors if enough water is added makes some sort of skin tone.

    So glad you will be joining 29 faces!

    1. moongirl

      I have to try that skin tone idea with more colours. I like that. 😉 I haven’t gotten to 29 faces yet – maybe I’m asking too much of myself with already doing a class and another starting on Monday! Eek! Always so much to do and so fun. 🙂

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