Art on note cards will soon be available for purchase!

I have had a lot of requests for my art as note cards but assumed that it would take me some time to make these so they kept going to the bottom of my ‘to-do’ art list.

I fulfill all art print orders myself so that means I am always scanning, fixing files and matching prints to original artwork. This must all be complete before the originals are sent to their new homes. I pretty much have this process down to a science but this note card paper isn’t the same paper that I use for prints. It is not only a different size but also has a rougher texture and is scored for folding. Often when printing from one type of paper to another what looks perfect on one paper type can print out completely different on another, especially when that paper doesn’t have a specific printing profile. So needless to say, I am relieved and thrilled that this worked on the first print run! *insert happy dance here*

art note cards
Art Note Cards: Front and back views

This note card features my painting, Storm, which was purchased at the Soul Sisters July auction. The original is presently on its was to a new loving home in Yellowknife, North West Territories! I am tickled pink!

art note cards front
Art note cards: front view

I have added my business information on the back of the card. 😉

art note cards back
Art note cards: Back view

Which art pieces should become note cards?

I need to choose which pieces of art I would like for the first run of cards. I will most likely choose five different images for a pack. If you have any favourites please let me know in the comments! To view my work you can click on the Artwork and/or Etsy link in the menu, or ‘photos’ on my Facebook page. Thank you!

Stay on the lookout for these goodies becoming available! 😉

Happy creating!!

Moongirl xx



  1. Suzann Martinez

    I’m so excited. I’ve missed your lovely art and what a great way to get it. I agree a variety pack with the last pieces you’ve done.<3

  2. Squeal! This is SO exciting, Tam! Yay for first print runs working out. I can’t remember all the names but I will describe which ones I think would make awesome cards when I see you later. (I think they ALL would make awesome cards but…. ya know, I know you are looking to narrow it down this first round.)

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