Busy hands

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I’m one of those people like most of use creative types, I think, who can’t do just one thing. We have to keep the hands busy either with cooking…these are amazing!…Pixie cookies

with knitting…I finally have a hat to wear on these bitter cold days!…


or with new treats in the mail!


Once lessons were finished and the boys they set out to put together their new Lego Minecraft kits I set out to do some sketching. I don’t sketch often enough so I easily get out of practice. When I am not sure what I want to do when I have a small pocket of ‘me’ time I have decided I will sketch. So I grabbed my new Dreamscapes book – I had been borrowing a copy from the library off and on for months to work on practicing. Stephanie’s work is amazing and her tarot deck is my absolute favourite! That being said, I can’t wait to open up the Sacred Path Cards.

mermaid my mermaid

It felt good to sketch. It still amazes me how simple a drawing can look and then you try to copy it for practice and find it’s not so easy. Practice practice practice!

Happy creating!


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  1. beautiful drawing, and the hat is delightful! Perfect for how cold it is right now. I’ve been layering from head to toe in hand knits!!

    • Thank you. 🙂 Yes, the hand knits just make going out in the cold that much nicer!

  2. Oh! You did a beautiful sketch. Can’t wait to see the hat!

    • Thanks, Dawn! 🙂


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