I just could’t fit it in, embarrassingly enough. I’ve managed to fit the art in for I think 18 days in a row and I was riding high!

I have just finished (like five minutes ago) preparing a huge client photo order I’ve been working on for days. There has been a lot of resizing and colour calibration fun (not!). Had to be a priority. Love this family though, they are sooo wonderful and I can’t wait to see the product including a huge framed image (yaaaay)!

But, staring at a computer for hours is not for me and made me brain tired. I did buy myself a watercolour pad yesterday though so I am super psyched to use it tomorrow, the first night I don’t work this week (other than tonight) so I have no excuse!

I am still visiting other art blogs and commenting because how could I not – the work is so inspirational and wonderful!

See you tomorrow! Happy creating!


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