My new art space makes room for more creating!

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How exciting, right?! I am very happy to now have an entire surface upon which to create. For years this has been my art table which is the same one I used in art school years ago!

The art table I have been using for years filled with supplies and little room to create.Somehow, I managed to paint using this small bit of space on my art table. Table is in the corner of our dining room. We live in a 100 year old house with limited space. Add homeschooling into the mix and all of the books and miscellany that goes along and there is even less free space. All my sketchbooks are on the back right of the table and many of my supplies on the left, in the cart or under the table. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to create!

Here is how this change came about:

My youngest son’s keyboard died so we replaced it with a full-size one. The only place it would fit was where my art table stood. My art table wouldn’t fit anywhere else and I wanted to get rid of my computer cabinet too. It felt closed-in and too dark.

We emptied out my computer cabinet that sat to the right of my art table (the other side of the window you see above) and gave it to a friend. We now share a computer space in the office upstairs. Yes, we moved in together!

Here is a picture of what my computer work space used to look like in the dining room. What a crazy, suffocating space! Now all my computer work is done upstairs in the office and I get more work done with less distractions, like making a tea, folding laundry, snacking…watching the backyard birds at the feeder…My old computer area.My new art space is where my computer cabinet was and I love it! I now have an entire surface upon which to work! I asked some friends who all have the same art table how they like it and they gave it great reviews so I picked one up for myself. Thank you, Michaels.

I can easily angle the surface if need be and a ton of supplies won’t crash upon the floor! My sketchbooks are stored below a bench that sits at the window and the rest of my supplies are in drawers below the table or in the cart. My new art table from Michaels. The last thing I did was string a fancy line on the wall as a holding space for inspiration. I now hang my works-in-progress here to see what is needed next and when they are complete.

This piece shown was in the latest Soul Sisters United Collective Auction  on Facebook and will be making its way to a wonderful home filling up with original art!
I like using a clothesline style display to hang my art work on after it is finished.I am very grateful to be able to send my original pieces to their new homes. The kid in me who always drew is very happy!

Now I have more space to create and our dining room looks bigger! I love purging and now I have friends with ‘new-to-them’ furniture ! All my energy centres feel lighter. Plus, we cleared out a bookcase in our bedroom to become my meditation and yoga space. Happy chakras!

And happy creating again! Yay!

Moongirl xx



  1. Yay! I can’t wait to see it in real life!

  2. Isn’t it great when you purge and lighten up! So emotionally freeing!

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