I received an email notice about a new Liz Steel You Tube video. In this video Liz takes you through her one-hundredth completed sketchbook. Yes! 100! Now that is sketch inspiration!

I was so inspired by Liz sketching every day that I ended up watching more of her videos and reading a number of her blog posts.

We were all together on the couch that evening with my husband reading another volume of the Wings of Fire series out loud. Rather than just sit and listen I decided to use this time to sketch. Since part of the story takes place in a rain forest I created this sketch with markers and copics.Sketchbook girl

Yesterday morning sketch:

The inspiration continues. I broke out my Stillman and Birn Zeta book that I bough last year but hadn’t used yet. I have heard good things about this line of books and the Zeta series has hot-press pages. This was a great way to break it in!

I grabbed a few supplies. I didn’t want to use my good watercolours as I planned on making a quick and loose sketch inspired by Liz.breakfast sketch setup This was the impetus I needed to break out my fountain pen, clean it out, and fill it with waterproof ink. I enjoyed using it to put the finishing touches on my first daily sketch!Vuarnet Fountain Pen I stamped today’s date in the top right corner and added a blurb with my fountain pen. My handwriting isn’t as nice a Liz’ architectural style! But I am not used to writing with this pen as I haven’t used it in so very long. It was a birthday present from my sister years ago when I was in art school. So I am happy to be using it once again.

The mug is a little on the flat side but that is okay. I wanted to see if I could paint my breakfast without being too fussy about the end result. It will improve as I continue. This took me about 20 minutes. Breakfast Sketch
Here is hoping this is the beginning of a daily sketch! Thank you for the inspiration, Liz! I may even get out to paint some architecture or more landscape as I began last summer.

Happy daily creating!

Moongirl xx



  1. Sandra L.

    I need to start using my sketchbook instead of individual sheets of paper than whining because they are flying all over the place. I can’t wait to see your sketchbook tour…it should be amazing. I am a die hard fountain pen girl, as I went to Catholic School in the ’50’s and that is all we were allowed to write with. Takes some practice at first but so worth it. My grandson, age 13, loves mine and keeps asking for me to buy him one. So refreshing to see our teenagers interested in something old school.

    1. moongirl

      I find the wonderful thing about loose sheets of paper for art is you can easily throw them away if you don’t like what you made! 😉 Sometimes I find working in a sketchbook a little intimidating as there is the sense that each piece needs to live up to the previous one and make a cohesive whole once the book is finished. This is my take only, of course, and I am trying to get away from that so some of the pages in my book so far aren’t that great! A sketchbook tour sounds fun! I took up calligraphic writing as a teen but once I was at art school and then married and having kids it went to the wayside. I still have my nibs and hope to get back to them some day. I can only imagine the challenge of only being allowed to write with a fountain pen though. I was a Catholic School girl too but I guess things has relaxed a bit through some years. I’d love to hear what your favourite fountain pen is…I haven’t bitten the big one yet and invested in a good one. It’s wonderful that your grandson loves your pen. There is something about the art of writing that has fallen to the wayside a bit these days with technology. Yay for ‘old school’! 🙂 Thank you so much for commenting!

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