Queen of Hearts Commission Painting

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I am excited to share this, my last commission, with you! It’s not that I don’t love commissions, it’s just that Life is getting busier and I can no longer accept commissions. I have been very grateful to those who have asked me to create something special for them and this Queen of Hearts was no exception.

I had previously created a painting, titled Alice, for this same client. As you can most probably guess, this was my depiction of Alice in Wonderland, one of my all-time favourite stories. Once Alice had been safely delivered a request had come for a Queen of Hearts painting. How wonderful!!

Here are some images of my progress. This piece is acrylic on a 12″x12″ canvas.

I just love making these crazy eyelashes and wild hair!  It took me some time to figure out how I was going to add the flamingos and card soldiers.It made sense for me to keep painting the Queen while I figured out other details. I knew how big I wanted her and where on the canvas to place her so the rest was all detail.Adding more layers of paint to the Queen of Hearts because we all know that she must be the centre of attention!And look at her!! I just love the way she turned out, particularly her face. I used two of my favourite supplies, the black Stabilo All Pencil and the white Posca Pen for the Queen and these really added to her personality. It is rare for me not to incorporate these supplies into my acrylic paintings. My Queen wouldn’t have been the same without them (and I’d like to keep my head so I took no chances!!! 😉 ).I am so pleased with my Queen! I hope you like her too!I enjoyed adding the flamingos and their expressions. All the little details with the pencil, Stabilo and Posca Pen made all the difference. It’s all about the details!! 😉

Here at the two paintings together: Alice and the Queen of Hearts. Alice has been in Australia for over a year so I used photographs as a reference when planning how to make the two look like a set. I think I did a pretty good job creating the Queen to match with Alice. 

Colour me happy to have the Queen of Hearts as my last commission! I just love looking at her!

Happy creating!





  1. Oh I LOVE the rabbit in Alice and the flamingos with the Queen of Hearts! Not that I don’t love Alice and the Queen themselves……..but those animals just go straight to my heart!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

    • I love the rabbit and flamingos too! It takes much more time to pay attention to creating those secondary ‘characters’ but I think it brings a piece together. Thank you, Robin!! xx (And because of you I realized I had spelled ‘flamingos’ wrong. 😉 )

  2. I Love Her! And I love you sharing the process! It’s so cool to see how artists go from a blank canvas to a finished piece!
    The owner of your commissions are lucky peeps!

    • Aw, thanks, Patty! xx I like seeing other artists’ processes too. It makes me feel better to know not all things begin beautifully!! Haha! 😉

  3. This is VERY exciting to see. I know you have put a whole lot of HEART into her! <3

    She turned out wonderful and has a Queenly presence, for sure!

    What a super set!

    • Thanks, Dawn!! Haha! So true!! xx I think they are going to look great together. 🙂

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